Loveless Ash Recognized for Recycling Efforts


Back Row: Josie Gayler, Ricardo Egusquiza, Ryan Murray, Jim Piacitelli, Georgina Nowek, Diane Cox, Pete Kilborne and Don Polster Front Row: Spencer Loveless, Liz Trostle

The Green Team of Carbon County has become a well-known entity in the community, encouraging and promoting services to residents in regard to recycling.

Since January of 2009, the team has strived for a greener community. From that time, the team has been responsible for both gathering and disposing of tons of paper, cardboard and aluminum waste that would otherwise been disposed of in the county landfill.

“The ultimate goal is to help our community to be more conscious of what can and should be recycled,” said Diana Cox. “Residents have been provided with drop-off trailers, where these items can be deposited and materials left are then responsibly recycled.”

Jim Piacitelli, who is the former chairman of the team’s board, was quoted in the past in saying that the goal of the Green Team is to reduce the amounts of materials that go into the landfill through collecting and recycling those materials. This is accomplished through a partnership of businesses, government and citizens.

This endeavor is being reached, as the Green Team now has a fleet of 11 trailers that are used for recycling purposes throughout Carbon County. This success is due, in part, to the aide of businesses and schools within the county. They not only make a conscious effort within their institution to reduce their carbon footprint, but also partner with the Green Team to better the community.

The Green Team gathered at Loveless Ash on Feb. 8 to recognize and award the business with a certificate acknowledging them for the collection, bundling and sending of recycled bales of cardboard per month. Since partnering with the team in 2009, Loveless Ash has surpassed several hundred tons of bundles.

Cox shared that Loveless Ash is a Green Business Award winner by Utah Business magazine. Ryan Murray, who is the Director of Sales and Marketing and Product Development, stated that going green in business is no longer optional for businesses that wish to sell nationally or internationally.

“The majority of our top customers ask us about what we are doing to provide quality products that are also sustainable and good for our environment,” said Murray. “A few of them are starting to make it a preferred qualification when doing business. Fortunately for us, we’ve ben going green for several years and have already seen increased sales because of it.”

Cox stated that the Green Team of Carbon County will recognizing more companies and schools that have either donated time or supplies to the green efforts in the county.

“It is important that these efforts not go unnoticed,” stated Liz Trostle, current president of The Green Team. “It takes many hands to make recycling effective and we couldn’t do it without supportive businesses and community members.”

Those that would like to obtain further information regarding where the recycling trailers are located or what volunteering opportunities are available may visit The Green Team’s Facebook page.

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