Employees Honored at Emery County Commission Meeting


Dedicated Emery County employees were honored at Tuesday morning’s commission meeting in Castle Dale.


Service awards were given to those who have worked for the county five to thirty years.

Five year awards were presented to:

Jeff Horrocks

Kristin Robertson

Margaret Keller

Cheri Packer

Tina Carter

Russell Swasey

Jared Robinson


Ten year awards were presented to:

William Jeff Newland


Fifteen year awards were presented to:

John P. Barnett

Brenda L. Tuttle

Sharon Boyle

Travis Winn

Terry Seager


Twenty year awards were presented to:

David A. Blackwell


Twenty-five year awards were presente to:

Teresa Manzanares

Ray D. Petersen


Thirty year awards were presented to :

Dixie Swasey

Larry Newman

Joel Jensen



CommissionersВ Jeff Horrocks and J.R. Nelson, along with newly appointedВ CommissionerВ Ethan Migliori, applauded the efforts of their county employees. Commisioner Horrocks expressed his appreciation В stating, ” They do a fabulous job representing the county.”



1. Jeff Horrocks was once again appointed Commission Chair

2. Lee Moss, Conservation District Manager В has been working with the community of Lawrence on damages in the area. After an Emery county needs assessment had been conducted, the NRCS identified the needs and focus area of the county. Those areas were water, soil, range land, wildlife and predator control.

3. Randy Johnson was appointed as Public Lands Bill Liason, with the Commission unanimously agreeing to send a letter of engagement to Johnson. Commissioner Nelson said, В “We hope to have the bill in Washington next year, and Randy Johnson is the man to help push it.”

4. This fiscal period the commission will only award $6,600 to television program “The County Seat”, which spotlights counties throughout the state and news within as well as offering thirty second commercial spots during the programs air time of Sunday mornings on Channel 4. The cut is to allow the county to give $3,000 of the marketing budget to Emery Telcom’s ETV 10 who also supports the county in covering events and county news.

5.The county has requested an extension of low-income housing improvements. The county housing was required to improve the bathroom areas in each unit which they expect to have completed by March 31, 2013.

6. Sprint/Nextel requested to make certain modifications to their East Rim Location.

7. The Emery County Sheriff’s Office notified the commission of the Homeland Security public safety funds which Emery County will now participate in. In years past, Carbon County was awarded $180,000 in grant monies which wil now be split between the two counties. Nelson approved for the sheriff’s department to receive the funds, and Migliori seconded the motion.

8 In the public comment period, Patsy Stoddard informed the Commission of the January Lunch and Learn which will be held at the Museum of the San Rafael on January 16, at noon. The keynote speaker will be Emery High School principal Larry Davis, discussing the importance of supporting local businesses.

9. The San Rafael Country Travel app is expected to go live this week for tourists withВ smart phonesВ to easily access В county hotspots.

10. In commission reports, Horrocks said they attended the R.S. 2477 meeting with the BLM in Provo, stressing how important it is to keep our lands public. “Unfortunately many of the residents who could validate which roads were once open for public use have passed away,” Horrocks said. He also expressed how all residents need to get involved.


The next Emery County Commission meeting will be Tuesday, January 22, at 9a.m.




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