Lunatic Triathlon Extended Registration Date




When: September 1, 2012

Time: 5:00am

Registration Fee: $50

Relay Team Registration Fee: $120

Registration Deadline: August 21, 2012

**Headlamps & Helmets Required**


On September 1, 2012 get caught up in the lunacy as you compete in a 5K run, 9 mile bike ride, and 300 yard swim under the nearly full moon. The event begins at 5:00am.


The event will start at the Washington Park where you will begin your 5K Run. Each athlete will be wearing glow sticks on their wrists and shoes and will light up the city streets as they race the 3.1 mile loop back around to the park. В An Aid Station will be provided halfway through the run to help give you the energy to speed back to the bike transition.

From here you will start your 9 mile bike ride. Each athlete will be given glow sticks for their bicycle tires, В along with the glow sticks they already have on their wrists and their shoes, helping to illuminate each participant as they race through freshly swept Carbon County and Price City streets. The sight of each gleaming athlete will be enough to stop traffic in their tracks, but for your own safety we will have law enforcement present to slow down traffic and control the intersections. You will finish your bike ride back at the pool where you will dismount and race through the gate to the Desert Wave Pool.

From here you will be directed to the outdoor pool and complete the triathlon with a 300 yard swim.

If you would like to compete in our event, but are hesitant to compete in all three legs of the triathlon, we are also allowing relay teams of either two or three athletes.  So get together with your friends and put together a team.  Having trouble finding friends to participate with you?  Contact us!  We are keeping a list of members of our community who are willing to participate as members of teams looking for an additional athlete. Now that you are out of excuses not to participate, come out and get caught up in the excitement, in the action, in the fun… in the lunacy.  Become a Lunatic Triathlete.


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