Lunch & Learn Hosted for Suicide Prevention


What could you do in one hour?

For several primary care physicians in the Castle Country area, an hour during a wintry Wednesday afternoon was spent in discussion of a matter close to many hearts and lives: suicide.

The Lunch & Learn, hosted by Four Corners Community Behavioral Health and hosted at Castleview Hospital, featured Ammon Sorensen as the guest speaker. Sorensen took the opportunity to speak about the Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS.)

Referring to those in attendance as those on the front lines, Sorensen spoke about the scale, its use and benefits.

The scale features around six questions dealing with the suicide wishes and, if applicable, attempts of an individual. The scale, according to Sorensen, is very easy to administer and can be used by anyone.

The event also gave those in attendance a chance to learn about a similar risk assessment used by professionals in a situation to help someone with suicidal thoughts.

Examples of several risk assessments were available for free at the event as well, in addition to a sample safety plan that individuals can fill out to assist them during times of harmful feelings or thoughts.

Four Corners Community Behavioral Health, founded in 1975, offers mental health as well as substance use disorder services. The institution is also available for 24/7 emergency support as needed. Locations in Castle Country are as follows:

Carbon County/Price
575 East 100 South
Price, Utah 84501
(435) 637-2358

Emery County/Castle Dale
45 East 100 South
Castle Dale, Utah 84513
(435) 381-2432

Grand County/Moab
198 East Center Street
Moab, Utah 84532
(435) 259-6131

Green River Outreach Clinic
GR Medical Center
585 West Main Street
Green River, Utah 84525
(435) 564-3434

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