Majestic “E” on the Hill


By Julie Johansen and Scottie Draper

Thanks to the generous donations from the graduating Class of 1978 and Nielson Construction, the new “E” for Emery High is now finished and installed along Highway 29. The Emery County Business Chamber joined with Emery High students, representatives from Nielson Construction and members of the community on Tuesday afternoon to cut the ribbon and celebrate the new monument.

The structure stands over 12 feet tall and eight feet wide, weighing in at 1,100 pounds. The “E” is unobstructed from any view and solar powered lights illuminate the structure as the sun sets each evening.

Work on the “E” began two years ago after erosion damage made the previous monument irreparable. Since constant repairs were deemed not to be cost effective, design work began for a new monument. Once the new “E” was designed, in an upright format to prevent future erosion, the issue of funding was addressed. That is when the Emery High School Class of 1978 asked if it could donate funding to the school to bring the project to fruition.

The metal to build the “E” cost $1,000 while Nielson Construction agreed to donate the landscaping and cement. Emery High welding students agreed to donate their time to construct the “E,” a process that began in December.

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