Make Sure Pets Find Their Way Home


Warm weather means more pets will be outdoors soaking up the sun. With an increase of outdoor animals, the chance of a family pet becoming lost also increases. To insure that a lost animal finds its way home, Price City Police Department Ordinance Compliance Officer Byron Allred offers a few tips to pet owners.

First off, keep dogs restrained on the owner’s property, preferably in a fenced yard. Even though it rarely happens, dogs do get stolen. To avoid this, Allred suggests owners keep the animal tethered and in an area that cannot be seen easily by the public.

The best way to ensure a lost animal will return to its owner is to have the pet microchipped. According to Allred, the process is easy, painless and inexpensive. “The chip is placed near the front shoulders of the animal under the skin,” he explained. “It is not painful and it’s also a foolproof way of tracking an animal.”

Because animal shelters are required to scan each animal that comes through the door, microchips are essential in tracking pet owners. “This is the best way to protect a dog from being stolen,” Allred explained. “By scanning the animal, we can determine ownership.”

Many pet owners travel with their furry friends as well. Allred explained that a couple from out-of-state was visiting Green River when their dog jumped from a parked truck and ran off. The owners searched countless hours for the pet and were never able to locate it before returning home. Several days later, a rancher located the lost dog. He took the dog to the Carbon County Animal Shelter where the microchip was scanned and the owners contacted.

“In this case, the owners were reunited with their dog all because it was microchipped,” Allred stated. “I can’t stress how important these chips are.”

Animals have become more than pets, they have become family members. Following a few easy steps may protect a beloved animal from becoming a missing piece of the family.



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