Mama D’s Food Shop is Ready to Feed the Community


On Wednesday afternoon, the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce traveled with their blue ribbon and their golden scissors to welcome yet another business to the community.

This time, the focus was on Mama D’s Food Shop, which is ran by Daphne Stockdale and Shaubre Stockdale Maland. The mission of Mama D’s is to feed the mind while nourishing the body. A couple times a month, the duo work on meal pickups through pre-order. Those that order food can pull right up to the curb of the Business Technical Assistance Center (BTAC) on Carbon Avenue and the food will be brought out.

Daphne stated that they focus on rice bowls, salads and the like for easy lunches throughout the week and, other times of the month, they make family meals. Those that want a family meal can order for different sizes, depending on how big the family may be.

Daphne also explained that if there is something special needed, they are available to be reached out to. Recently, they were called and requested to make one cheeseball, which Daphne said is something they love to do.

Common catering foods at Mama D’s Food Shop consist of finger foods such as fresh fruit and dip cups, drinks, cold entrees like wraps, hot entrees such as a chicken alfredo bake and slow-cooked roast, cookies, cakes and desserts. Mama D’s offers ready-to-eat, hot meals for pickup, meal and grocery delivery, complete meal kits and much more.

Those that are interested in taking advantage of all of the delicious options that Mama D’s Food Shop has to offer can contact them by phone at (435) 650-0186, by email at or through their Facebook page.

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