Man Apprehended on Crandall Canyon Road for Vehicle Theft and Other Charges


Emery County Sheriff’s Office Press Release

During the late night hours of March 17, a subject was apprehended on Crandall Canyon Road. Ryan Lee Fox, age 42, is being held in Emery County Jail on the charges of theft of a vehicle, fleeing in a vehicle, possession of a weapon by restricted person and leaving the scene.

The incident started when an individual called ECSO dispatch stating that he had left his Toyota truck at the top of Mill Canyon while shed antler hunting. Upon returning to where he left the truck, it was missing and he noticed a wrecked Chevy truck near where his truck had been parked.

While an ECSO deputy was meeting with the owner of the stolen truck, ECSO dispatch received a call from the Crandall Canyon Mine guard shack stating there was a male subject on site acting very strange. Two ECSO deputies responded to Crandall Canyon.

The male subject was in a vehicle matching the description of the stolen vehicle. The subject would not comply with orders to exit the vehicle. As the subject attempted to flee from the deputies, measures were taken to disable the stolen vehicle. After a short pursuit on Crandall Canyon Road, the vehicle became inoperable. The subject was arrested and transported to Emery County Jail.


Investigation is ongoing.

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