Man Arrested at Rocky Mountain Power Huntington Power Plant


Emery County Sheriff’s Office Press Release

Early this morning, a man was arrested on Rocky Mountain Power Huntington Power Plant property.  Plant security received a call from a contractor stating that there was a suspicious vehicle by their trailers just outside the Huntington Power Plant inner perimeter fence on the ash haul road. Plant personnel responded and began talking to the suspect.  Plant personnel requested that security place a 911 call for law enforcement to respond.

When a plant worker asked the suspect what company he was with, he claimed that he was a federal marshal. He then drew his pistol, waiving it back and forth and stating that it was fully loaded. He began making demands on what he wanted done to make the power plant better. As it appeared the man was not rational, plant personnel kept the suspect calm by engaging him in conversation until law enforcement arrived.

Once on scene, law enforcement personnel disarmed and arrested Huntington resident, Thomas Max Fish, age 49, without incident. Along with the loaded .22 revolver, Fish also had a knife in his possession. He is being held in the Emery County Jail on charges of count 1: Threat of Terrorism; count 2: Purchase, Transfer, Possession or use of a Firearm by a Restricted Person; count 3: Purchase, Transfer, Possession or Use of a Dangerous Weapon by Restricted Person; count 4: Threat with or Using Dangerous Weapon in a Fight or Quarrel; count 5: Criminal Trespass. 

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