Man Tries to Evade Law, High-Speed Chase Spans From East Carbon to Duchesne County


On Monday afternoon, a man by the name of Marvin Brown, age 64, was traveling in the East Carbon area in an older model ’90s Chevy Camaro when he was stopped by office Steve Brown with East Carbon Police. The driver had a $2,500 warrant in the 4th District Court. Along with the warrant, it was discovered that he was traveling on a suspended license.

Refusing to cooperate with the officer, Brown would not exit his vehicle. He then made the choice to run, pulling out in front of a vehicle so suddenly that the driver was forced to swerve in order to avoid colliding with Brown. He was pursued by two members of the East Carbon Police Department along Horse Canyon Road. However, the dangerous speeds Brown dared to use led the officers to back off.

Brown was pursued once more by Wellington City Police Officer Shawn Sackett. Sackett had traveled around 10 miles out of Wellington to assist. The officer followed Brown westbound on SR-6, reaching the turnoff to Nine Mile Canyon. It is reported that, more than once, Brown swerved into oncoming traffic. Thankfully, collisions due to the high-speed driving were avoided.

Brown dared to reach dangerous speeds from 80 to 120 miles per hour. Officers placed spike strips in Brown’s path no less than three times before they were successful in capturing the culprit. Spikes were dispatched once in Sunnyside, again in Gates Canyon and finally north off SR-40 and 7000 West. Brown’s vehicle slid into an embankment after hitting the third set of spikes, which gave the officers to opportunity to apprehend him and his passenger.

It has been reported that the passenger was Brown’s wife and will not be charged. Brown, however, was booked into Duchesne County Jail with the following charges: resisting arrest, driving on a suspended license, evading and others.


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