Manti Happenings Highlights Completed Projects in the Area


Photo courtesy of the Forest Service

The Manti Happenings December monthly newsletter has been released, with a section highlighting work that has been focused on the Ferron-Price and Sanpete districts.

It was stated that the recreation staff took advantage of the light snowpack on the mountain to tackle various projects and staff has been working on non-motorized and motorized trail maintenance. Trail surveys have also been conducted in order to identify projects for summer 2022.

Projects that have been completed include rock staircases and rerouted unsustainable trails in the Joe’s Valley Bouldering Area, the Hole OHV trail in the Muddy Creek drainage undergoing dozer maintenance to repair drainage and trim back vegetation, upgrades to the Pinchot Trailhead in the Twelve Mile Canyon and 74 trees that were cut at the Sawmill Canyon trail in Huntington Canyon.

It was also stated that Forest Service personnel worked in conjunction with Utah State Parks, Sanpete County and the Emery County Search and Rescue in order to install snow poles along a 300 foot section of the feeder canal that is between Huntington and Cleveland Reservoirs.

This will help with winter recreationalists, especially snowmobilers, and will also identify and avoid the obstacle as they travel to and from the Miller Flat winter staging area. The newsletter also touched on the Fiscal Incentive Grant (FIG) that was received last spring for the trail remediation work above Huntington Canyon.

“The motorized crew will continue implementing this project and, once completed, they will begin on other motorized trails in Twelve Mile Canyon and Muddy Creek Drainage,” said the newsletter.

The Forest Service was also recently awarded a Recreational Trails Program (RTP) grant that will assist in performing trail maintenance, as well as to remediate trails that have been impacted from oversized OHVs in the Lake Canyon Recreation Area. Finally, turning to the winter season, the crews have worked on plans, preparation, equipment maintenance and more for spring projects.
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