Manti-La Sal Draft Land Management Plan Available for Public Comment


Press Release

The Manti-La Sal National Forest is continuing the forest plan revision process by publishing the draft land management plan for public review and comment on Aug. 25.

“We want to invite the public to review the current draft products and maps to help the forest identify key issues,” said Autumn Ela, Manti-La Sal forest plan revision team leader. “Received comments will aid in the development of alternatives as the next step of forest plan revision, which will include the development of the proposed action and accompanying draft environmental impact statement.”

Included in the draft plan are the following: Preliminary Need to Change, Initial Draft Forest Plan, Wilderness Evaluation Report, the Wild and Scenic Rivers Eligibility Report, Timber Suitability Report, Priority Watershed Report, Coal Unsuitability Report, and Species of Conservation Concern List.

The forest plan was last revised in 1986 and has been amended 23 times to accommodate changes in forest conditions. “These accumulating amendments, as well as the increased demand for forest activities and resources, made it clear that a revision of the existing plan was a priority for the Manti-La Sal,” said Ela.

Land management plans provide direction for how public lands are managed in the long-term. These plans are informed by an inclusive and transparent process that involves the public, partners and tribes affected by the plan.

To provide the public an opportunity to safely discuss current draft products with subject matter experts from the Manti-La Sal National Forest, virtual engagements will be scheduled throughout September 2021.

Public engagement information and all documents for this scoping period are posted on the forest plan revision website at

Refer to this site for other helpful information, including a story map. Comments may best be submitted from the forest website as well and following the link to the comment page.

Alternatively, comments may be submitted via the forest plan revision email address at or by mail to Manti-La Sal National Forest, Forest Plan Revision Team, 599 West Price River Drive, Price, Utah 84501.

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