Manti-La Sal Employees Undergo Winter Survival Training

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USDA Forest Service image by Justin Bradley.

In the latest edition of the Manti-La Sal newsletter, the Manti Happenings, the National Forest’s North Zone (Sanpete and Ferron/Price ranger districts) employees participated in a winter survival, avalanche and backcountry snowmobile training.

This training was in collaboration with Big Pine Sports, Uinta-Wasatch-Cache and the Utah Avalanche Center, and was a two-day course.

“It was taught by outstanding subject matter experts with in-depth knowledge of the three training topics,” the newsletter shared. “Attendees grew markedly in their experience and comfort levels.”

Students that had reported zero hours of experience on entry were taking on the snow with newly-found confidence and abilities. The newsletter stated that this confidence garners a foundation in safety and an understanding in how to avoid and prevent winter backcountry perils.

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