Manti-La Sal National Forest Approves Four NEPA Decisions


Joes Valley Reservoir. Photo by Jamie Swank.

The Manti-La Sal National Forest recently announced that four National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) decisions have been signed since July 1.

One such decision was the Eccles to Swens Transmission Corridor Special Use Permit categorical exclusion. It was explained that the decision authorizes construction of a section of electrical transmission line for Canyon Fuel Company, LLC operations for the Skyline Mine facility and a ventilation facility. That decision was signed by Forest Supervisor Ryan Nehl on July 16.

Another decision made was the Huntington Creek Restoration Project categorical exclusion, which authorizes the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to improve fish and aquatic species habitat within the Huntington Creek drainage. This decision was signed by District Ranger Darren Olsen on Sept. 1.

The Utah County Emergency Watershed Protection and Eagle Landing Project categorial exclusion was also signed by Olsen on Sept. 1. This decision authorizes Utah County to construct silt fences, as well as rock check dams, that will protect the Eagle Landing Subdivision and downstream riparian system from flooding and erosion that is resulting from the 2018 Pole Canyon Fire.

Finally, the Joe’s Valley Water Facility Deed of Easement categorial exclusion that authorizes an easement to the Emery County Water users for use and occupancy of NFS lands for the maintenance, operation and replacement of the Emery County Project (Joes Valley Reservoir) was decided. Nehl authorized this decision on Sept. 17.

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