Many Places to Explore at Gordon Creek


The Gordon Creek Falls ATV and hiking trail is a beautiful, mild-moderate road leading to two separate falls and an abandoned cabin. The area is full of wildlife and beauty, as well as many opportunities to play in the water.

Distance from Price: 11 miles, about 15 minute drive

Trail Distance: Approximately 15 miles

Average Time: Times vary on individual exploration. Plan for about 1-3 hours, more if you want to stop and explore the falls and trestle

Difficulty: Mild-Moderate

Equipment: Water, ATV/4-wheeler, sunscreen, camera, water shoes

Hazards: This trail/road is used by hikers, horseback-riders, cars and ATV’s. Take caution while traveling around sharp turns.

The lower falls are steep and can be dangerous. Exercise caution when playing in or around the water.

Temperatures in eastern Utah can become hot, especially out on the desert where this trail is located. Riders should be aware of sun exposure and bring plenty of water. Wearing sunscreen or other forms of sun protection, such as a hat, can help prevent sun-related injuries.

The trail is located in a flash flood area. If there is a rainstorm, flash flooding can occur. Make sure to check the weather for flash flood warnings before heading out into this area.

Getting There: From Price, riders should travel north on US Highway 191 toward Helper.

After traveling 4.5 miles on the highway, riders will turn left onto Consumers Road. Continue straight on this road for about 3.2 miles and then turn left onto Trestle Road.

Riders will continue on this dirt road until they reach the railroad crossing. This is a great spot to unload the ATV’s and hop on.

Once on the ATV, riders can continue along Trestle Road to the Gordon Creek Falls trailhead or continue down to the railroad trestle. There are many ATV trails to explore in this area.

The Trail: The Gordon Creek Falls trail is an ATV trail, but is often hiked. The trail leads to two waterfalls along the Gordon Creek. The lower falls is about 1 mile from the trailhead and is a fun place to explore and get wet. The upper, smaller falls is further up the trail. The trail ends at an old abandoned cabin.

Trestle Road goes down to the bottom of an old railroad trestle. From here, riders can continue along the road, which follows the tracks, and see picturesque views and wildlife.

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