Marcy Loveless Named Recipient of the 2020 UEA Honor Roll Award


In early April, Marcy Loveless of Carbon Caring for Kids was contacted via a letter to be informed that she was selected by the UEA Board of Directors to receive the UEA Honor Roll Award for 2020. This award is one created to recognize individuals that have provided outstanding service to education and are not in a teaching position.

When Loveless was nominated, it was stated that Carbon Caring for Kids has been very proactive in assisting to address some of the immediate needs of the children of Carbon County. The nomination statement continued by stating that one of their ongoing services in the community is to provide food each week for students that have significant financial need. Many students rely on meals at schools and benefit greatly from being able to take something home for the weekend or times classes are not in session.

Carbon Caring for Kids is well-known in the community and has been utilized by many youngsters. Countless individuals, organizations and businesses have donated food, time and service to the organization. Loveless and the organization were credited in the nomination as being easy to work with and quick to send out extra supplies.

“This kind of support is vital in education and deserves recognition,” concluded the nomination statement.

Loveless’ award is credited as a high honor and will be presented in conjunction with the UEA Excellence in Teaching Awards at the Utah Education Association’s Superstars in Education annual awards banquet. This is currently scheduled to take place on Friday, May 15 at the Leonardo in Salt Lake City, though the banquet may be postponed to a later date due to COVID-19.

Heidi Matthews, Utah Education Association President, complimented Loveless on the wonderful job that she is doing on behalf of the public education and their association in the state of Utah.

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