Marietti Family Seeks Assistance for Playground to be Built in Memory of Jace Marietti


Jace Marietti was well known and loved throughout the communities of both Carbon and Emery counties. He was diagnosed with cockayne syndrome early in his life and left this earth on May 25. Although his life was cut short by a long-term health condition, Jace left a positive impact on the community that will continue for years to come.

As a memorial to Jace, family members have proposed a plan to build a community playground where children can play together regardless of health conditions and any other factors. This would be a playground where no one would feel left out or different.

“We have children in our community with many different types of disabilities. Autism, vision impaired, hearing impaired, physical handicaps, etc.,” said Valorie Marietti, Jace’s mother. “We plan on having equipment for all of them. Many of the children in our community are being cared for by their grandparents. Jace’s playground will be easier for those grandparents to navigate.”

Valorie then went on to explain that the playground will be funded mostly by grant money that is available. However, a location needs to be decided upon and there needs to be a building plan before grants can be applied for.

“I am going to need the support of our city and county officials as well as our community,” she explained. “It is a huge project, but I promise that it will be finished.”

With the thought of this playground in Valorie’s mind for awhile now, she contacted Senator David Hinkins last year about the proposed plan. Hinkins immediately supported the idea. “He was always so sweet to my son, Jace,” Valorie said.

A memorial for Jace will also be a part of this playground.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for anyone able and willing to donate money towards the playground. The link can be viewed here.

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