Martial arts, sword fighting and book signing entertain Price residents


The clank of swords against small armor shields was quite the sight to see Saturday at the Price Peace Gardens. It wasn’t part of a time warp, but a community event put on by the Friends of the Price City Library.

Author Jennifer Clark was on hand to sign copies of her latest book, “The Knight of Redmond.” The story she weaves in the book contains both martial arts and English sword-fighting scenes. With that in mind, the crowd enjoyed demonstrations of both.

Jack Chen started with a katas demonstration and martial arts techniques, which included sword, fans and weapons. He then went on to demonstrate basic self-defense moves. Andrew Aedo and Travis Shanks braved the heat and donned period costumes to delight the crowd with a rousing swordfight.

There were activities for children as well, including a chance to make foam swords.


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