Masks Required to Attend Price City Council Meetings


As things have started to reopen in the local community, gatherings are still being conducted following the local health department’s guidelines concerning COVID-19. As part of this, all attendees of the biweekly Price City Council meetings, including audience members, must wear masks in order to attend. There are designated seats in the council chambers that are marked off to keep attending community members distanced appropriately.

During Wednesday’s Price City Council meeting, the first agenda item brought to attention was the importance that still lies in social distancing and wearing a mask in public. Mayor Mike Kourianos told all in the meeting to keep doing those things, not only to keep others around you safe, but yourself as well.

Next up, there was a public comment shared during the meeting as the topic of pickleball was again in the spotlight. Those who are part of the local pickleball community planned to establish new courts so that they they don’t have to resort to playing on a tennis courts. The council members said they want to work with those involved in making this happen. There was a place mentioned that could be used for the new pickleball courts and the possibility will be explored further.

A drawing was next on the agenda. This drawing was for the quarterly prize for qualifying employees for safety practices in the workplace. The little paper plucked from the many was Linda. The council members laughed as they realized she had won the last drawing. Although she wasn’t in attendance, the council and others in the meeting congratulated her and thanked her for her safety practices in the workplace.

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