Matching Talent with the Work


ETV News Stock Photo by Jeff Barrett

The Dinos are thrilled to be back outside now that the snow has been removed from the pitch. Soccer is an exceptionally difficult sport to work on indoors, because the ball moves so much faster on smooth surfaces. With games quickly approaching, Carbon will need to knock the rust, and probably some snow, off their cleats.

The Dinos, of course, are not the only ones fighting against the weather. Several matches have already been cancelled as teams try to get their fields operational. That does not, however, take away from the anticipation of the upcoming season.

“I’m excited to be here,” stated head coach Chad Cowdell. “We have a lot of returners. The majority of the team has decent soccer IQ. That has been improving due to the local club program.”

Carbon has seen a huge benefit from the youth club team. It has essentially become a feeder program for the high school, elevating the understanding of the game and experience level of the Dinos’ program. This year’s nearly 10 seniors, along with the other returners, including the talented sophomore class that came from the club, give the Dinos a lot of hope heading into the season.

The group will first focus on defending its region title before working on a state run. “Our goal is to be region champs and show that we can compete consistently,” added Cowdell. Canyon View will have a strong team while “Emery always gives us fits. That’s the nature of the rivalry,” Cowdell expressed.

The Dinos certainly have the talent to win back-to-back region titles and make a deep run in the playoffs, but it will come down to the athletes and their grit and determination. According to Cowdell, one of the biggest question marks is, “Will [the players] put in the effort to be where they want to be? If they combine the work with their skill, they will reach their goals. They are talking more and communicating [on the pitch].”

“All three coaches have coached together for several years. We are looking forward to the season,” concluded Cowdell.

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