Matheson Says Natural Gas Bill Advances Energy Independence


Congressman Jim Matheson says a bipartisan bill introduced today in the House is the best way for America to quickly reduce its dependence on foreign oil and also reduce greenhouse gas pollution. Matheson is a cosponsor of H R 1380– the NAT GAS Act of 2011.

Matheson said the legislation’s goal is to accelerate the production and use of more natural gas-fueled vehicles (NGVs).

“Using on-the-shelf technology and tapping our abundant domestic supplies of natural gas, we can make progress on the jobs front, the clean energy front and the energy independence front,” said Matheson.

Matheson said the bill creates or extends for five years tax credits for the use of natural gas as a vehicle fuel, the purchase of NGVs and the installation of natural gas vehicle refueling stations. It also provides for a production tax credit to the manufacturer of natural gas vehicles.

Matheson said the bill includes language directing the EPA to take steps to reduce the regulatory burden on conversion manufacturers and to fashion appropriate credits to reward NGV manufacturers for their gasoline and greenhouse gas reductions.

Matheson said Utah already leads the nation in the number of natural gas fueling stations, giving Utah drivers of NGVs a state-wide system of refueling outlets.

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