Matheson Supports Spending Cuts


Washington, D.C.—Congressman Jim Matheson announced on Jan. 25 that he would vote for a bill that proposes a significant decrease in spending, saying it is a necessary step to begin putting the nation’s fiscal house in order. The bill – H Res 38—is expected to receive bipartisan support.

“Folks have gone hog-wild with spending here for too long. The simple fact is that in order to restore fiscal sanity, we have to begin living within our means. Cutting spending is an important part of the equation,” said Matheson.

Matheson said—over his opposition—non-defense, annual spending levels for federal agencies and programs—have increased too much over the past few years. He said today’s bill will roll back spending to the levels in fiscal year 2008 – a minimum cut of $55 billion.

Matheson said the only areas exempt from this first round are defense, veterans affairs, homeland security and the State Department.

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