East Carbon Mayor Declares Jointure with Sunnyside as “Emergency”


East Carbon City Councilmen agreed with their mayor that joining with Sunnyside is a main priority.

A main point during the business and open city council meetings for East Carbon on Tuesday was a potentialВ merger with Sunnyside. Mayor Orlando LaFontaine declared that the decision on joining is an “emergency” and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Councilmen said that they are ready for the merger. A motion was passed to contact Sunnyside and request an emergency meeting in hopes of expediting theВ decisionВ to merge.

Other notes from the meeting:

Sunnyside Mayor Doug Parsons was supposed to attend the meeting to discuss how the two cities plan to pay for ambulance service in the area. However, Mayor Parsons had to cancel for reasons unknown.

Councilman David Avery brought up the subject of selling city-owned property to gain revenue for East Carbon. There are currently three properties that have generated interest from buyers. The council passed a motion to have a report from planning and zoning about the properties by April 23.

Councilwoman Cheryl McFarland mentioned that a new health care bill passed that will save East Carbon aВ substantialВ amount of money over time. McFarland also announced that there will be a food giveaway in East Carbon on April 8th.

Councilman Dave Maggio brought forward the issue concerning East Carbon maintenance workers working overtime at the water treatment plant. The overtime work is needed to treat more water for Sunnyside. The council plans to discuss billing Sunnyside for the work. The council also passed a motion to hold an auction for companies to bid on hydro-seed planting in East Carbon.

Councilwoman Barbara Robinett announced her desire to focus the East Carbon Newsletter around the potential merging of the two cities. Robinett will write the article. Robinett brought the council up to date on the status of Community Days. An emcee has been booked for the event and a movie will be shown in the park. A motion carried to pay for these events.

Additionally, city beautification continues to be an important matter to East Carbon. The city plans to meet with two volunteers who want to help clean up the city.

In conclusion, a motion was passed to apply for training grants for firefighters and city bills were agreed upon to be paid.

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