Mckenzie Harvel excels in the beauty industry


Born and raised in Price, Mckenzie Harvel, 21, graduated from Carbon High in 2010 unsure of what career would suit her best. Wanting to get started Harvel enrolled at USU Eastern and graduated with her associate degree two years later still unsure of what she wanted to do.

One day, while ordering beauty products online from Aveda, she spontaneously clicked on a link to apply to the Aveda Inspire Greatness Institute, a beauty school in Provo, UT. The next day, a representative from the school called Harvel and before she knew it she was touring the school.

“When I walked through the doors, everything was different, so reassuring, so comforting,” Harvel thought during the tour. “I could see myself doing this. I could wake up every day and be happy to go to work.”

Last September, Harvel officially began beautician classes at Aveda.

“I have only been doing it for ten months,” said Harvel. “I am so confident that this is where I am supposed to be.”

Just a few short months later, Harvel applied for an opportunity that only twenty students from the four Aveda Institutes are honored with each year. After deciding to give 110 percent to her schooling and receiving advice from mentors in applying, Harvel submitted her application. To her surprise and delight, she was selected. Now, from September 2-16, she will be to New York City to participate in Fashion Week. Throughout the two weeks, the former Price resident will attend classes taught by guest educator Jon Raymond and work directly with top stylists behind the stage to style models for the runway.

Scheduled to style at approximately fifteen fashion shows, Harvel admits that she is kind of nervous. However, she enjoys being in the intense, styling atmosphere.

“I decided early on if I was going to do this, I was going to be the best at it,” Harvel said. After less than a year, she is off to a great start.

ETV10 News, Emery Telcom, and the community wish Mckenzie Harvel the best of luck at Fashion Week, her anticipated graduation in April of 2014, and her future career.

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