MECCA to Bring Back Mountain Bike Festival to Green River


On Tuesday evening, the Green River City Council met for its monthly meeting. There, a number of items were discussed, one being the request for a donation to MECCA in order to bring back the mountain bike festival to Green River on a permanent basis. A motion to donate $500 was made and carried by the city council members.

Another item discussed was the possibility of providing $5,000 for a bonus to hire a new deputy sheriff. It was discussed that the new hire would need to sign a contract stating they would stay for a number years in Green River in that position in order to receive the bonus.

While the idea of the bonus was discussed, it remained undecided how the city would disburse the bonus. Other concerns were brought up by council members, which led to a motion being made to meet with the Emery County commissioners before any decision is made.

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