Meet and Greet With Dr. Croft at Castleview Hospital


On Friday afternoon citizens of the community and employees of Castleview Hospital gathered together in the Hospital Classroom to welcome Dr. Kimball Croft back into our local hospital.

Over lunch that was provided for everyone in attendance, Dr. Croft spoke about his practice. He stated that all the way back into Egyptian culture, 3000 B.C., there is evidence that they were concerned about beauty. Plastic surgery has gotten a bad reputation for the celebrities that get addicted to it and take it too far, but it has many health benefits and is able to make people feel as if they can be in the public community without fearing judgment from others.

“When people try to change who they are and what they look like as people is when you get into a dangerous territory,” stated Dr. Croft.

Dr. Croft stressed that it is very important to be sure that you have chosen wisely not only before a plastic surgery procedure, but for any medical procedure that you are having done. Provided by Dr. Croft, these are the three suggested questions to be sure to ask any doctor that you are considering: Where are the procedures going to be done? What is your training? Are you board certified?

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