Meet the Candidates


In looking towards the immediate city and county general elections on November 6th, the Carbon County Chamber Of Commerce Board of Directors would like to invite all voters to participate in a “Meet the Candidates” night scheduled for September 24th at the  Carbon County Courthouse located at 120 East Main Street in Price from 5:30 p.m. to 7:10p.m.

Session 1 starting at 5:30 pm to 5:40 pm is for candidates running for U.S. House of Representative. В In attendance will be Democrat Soren Simonsen. В The incumbent, Republican Senator Jason Chaffetz, is unable to join our forum because he is in session in Washington, D.C.

Session 2 starts at 5:40 pm to 5:50 pm for Utah State Governor. В Only one candidate is joining the forum: Democratic candidate Peter S. Cooke and his running mate for Lt. Gov. Vincent C. Rampton.

Session 3 begins at 5:50 pm to 6:00 pm for Utah State Senator for District 27 finds Democratic candidate Michael Binyon in attendance. В Incumbent & Republican Senator David Hinkins was unable to attend due to a prior commitment; he was disappointed about the conflict in his schedule.

Session 4 starts at 6:00pm to 6:10 pm for Utah Representative for District #69. В Incumbent candidate from the Democratic Party, Ms. Christine Watkins, chose to participate.

Session 5 follows at 6:10pm to 6:28 pm for U.S. Senator. В This session finds three candidates in attendance vying for this seat: Constitution Party candidate Shaun McCausland, Justice Party candidate Daniel Geery and representing incumbent candidate Republican Orrin G. Hatch will be someone from his campaign headquarters. В Sen. Hatch is also in session in Washington, D.C. at this time.

Session 6 begins at 6:28 pm to 6:50 pm for Utah State Attorney General. В This session is for 2 candidates: Libertarian candidate Andrew McCullough and Democrat Dee Smith. В Incumbent candidate from the Republican Party, John Swallow, also had a conflicting schedule but is sending a representative who will be the foyer eager to answer any questions you may have.

Session 7 starts at 6:50 pm to 7:06 pm for Carbon County Commissioner.  Our very own candidates running for the open seat will attend: Republican Casey Hopes and Democrat Mikel Johnson are vying for the vacant slot left open by Commissioner Mike Milovich’s decision to not run for office again.

Session 8 starts at 7:06 pm to 7:16 pm for Carbon School Board office, District #1. В Ms. Kristen Taylor is running unopposed and will share her goals.

Session 9 starts at 7:16 pm to 7:28 pm for Carbon School Board office, District #2. В Ms. Melanie Fausett and Ms. Jaynie Rae Nielsen will participate in this session.

A moderator will ask the candidates to answer the same questions in random order, thereby giving no candidate a “first or last” advantage.  Ground rules and time limits will be followed so that every candidate will have ample time and opportunity to respond.  Written questions from the public can be submitted that night.  Also, at the end of the program, if time allows, candidates may entertain questions from the audience.

The goal of the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce is to introduce the candidates so potential voters will В find out what their platform and goals are so В voters can make an informed decision on November 6th.

There are no other elections where our local citizens’ votes count more or where you can be more involved than in city, county and state appointments.  Early voting begins on October 23rd through November 2nd from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Carbon County Courthouse. Voting will take place on November 6th.


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