Meeting Highlights Activity, Event Agenda for Business Improvement District


Price City Press Release

The Price Business Improvement District Committee met on Tuesday, Jan. 15 and the emphasis within the meeting was the activities and events committee’s proposals.

The Business Improvement Committee was formed last summer to find ways to improve business, particularly downtown, in Price. Subcommittees made up of various business leaders, government officials and others have been formed. Those subcommittees consist of the ambassadors committee (which gathers information and informs business owners of what is going on), the budget committee (which determines the costs of what may be done and where the money could come from), the project committee (which determines the projects, where they will be done and how they will be done), and the activities and events committee.

Whereas past meetings concentrated on projects and funding, this meeting had the representatives of the activities committee present. They presented what they hope to accomplish to make downtown Price an improved and viable place to shop as well as participate in local happenings.

They reported that they want to host an event every other month downtown. They plan on working with the businesses there to gather sponsorships and support for the ideas they have. All of the activities will take place on Main Street, which will be closed between Carbon Avenue and 100 East for each of the events.

The first event is planned for February and will consist of a project for children to make sacks to put their Valentines in. The tentative date for that activity is Monday, Feb. 11 after school is out for early release that day.

Other plans are for future activities include April (Easter themed), June (a school’s out party), August (school begins event), October (Halloween costume event) and December (Christmas craft event). All events will include prizes and drawings for both kids and adults.

The committee also thought that tying the parades that run through town in with businesses would be a good idea as well. Parades through town include St. Patricks Day, International Days and the Carbon High Homecoming parade, amongst others.

More information on each event will be available in ample time for the public to be aware of the times and dates.

Another group at the meeting consisted of Jordyn Gagon and Tyler Yakovich, both of whom serve on the Price Youth Council. They suggested that there is a lot that could be done in the downtown area when it comes to younger people. They suggested a large chalk board be put up on a wall downtown that says something like “Price City is for Dreamers” and then people can write their dreams and hopes on the board. They said they are already scoping out places to put them.

The Price Youth Council members also talked about bringing in electric scooters that are being used in many towns for transportation. The scooters are paid for through an app on cell phones and they said that would draw youth into the area. This would give the students at the university easier access downtown as well. They said there could be an integrated effort along with businesses to have designated parking areas for the scooters. They explained that the company that owns and manages the scooters is looking to move into smaller towns to provide those services and Price fits into that concept.

Next, the ambassador committee reported that when contacting businesses with the ideas the committee has had, 80 percent of the businesses downtown were enthusiastic about what they have heard.

There was also some discussion on the projects that have been discussed in prior meetings. The costs for those and how to finance them are still being assessed as to what those projects would require. The project committee will continue to look at the possibilities.

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