Mental Fortitude


ETV News Stock Photo by Jeff Barrett

The golf team at Emery High is ready to build and improve on last season. The Lady Spartans only lost a pair of seniors, meaning the vast majority of the team will look the same.

“We have two seniors this year, Kimber Gilbert and Aspen Jensen. They will be our anchors,” said head coach Kasey Edgehouse. “Cheyenne Bingham will be one of my top ones and we picked up two freshman this year that have been in my junior program the last four years.”

Edgehouse believes those freshmen will push for varsity spots. “We should be better this year,” added Edgehouse.

One aspect the team would like to improve on is the mental approach of the game. There were times last year when one or two bad shots would completely derail a round. Edgehouse believes his team will be better off if it demonstrates a higher mental resiliency.

“We need to keep focused at the task at hand. The game’s going to come, I’ve got some good help. We should be able to get better swing-wise this year from top to bottom.” Edgehouse continued, “But mentally, I think they just need to get tougher and be okay to make a mistake and be able to bounce back and continue to play well.”

One feather in Emery’s cap is the new facilities at the high school. “The new Armory has been huge for us, since there is still a foot of snow on golf course,” explained Edgehouse. “The Armory has been a big help for us over the past three months with open gym. We will be better for it.”

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