Mental Health Tips for Employees and Employers Presented by FCCBH


Tiffany Noyes and Meranda Saccomano of Four Corners Community Behavioral Health were the keynote speakers for the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce’s (CCCC) May luncheon, turning their focus toward mental health tips for employees and employers.

Noyes started with some tips that will support healthy mental health. The first one was meditation, which is something that she recommends to all patients. The next one is grounding, which is the act of putting bare hands and feet in the dirt or grass. This has shown improvements in regard to inflation, wound healing, time taken to fall asleep and the quality of sleep itself.

Grounding is also known to decrease pain and stress levels while normalizing the day/night rhythm. The next tip was a simple one: sunlight. There is a clear connection between sunlight and mental health, as it provides Vitamin D. Research shows that low levels of that vitamin correlates to a higher risk of depression and anxiety.

Noyes emphasized that these tips do not replace medications, therapy and the like. Finally, Noyes stated that limiting screen time is very important. She stressed taking breaks and prioritizing mental health. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” Noyes stated.

Saccomano and Noyes continued their presentation by telling employers that mental health challenges with clear goals can be a fun incentive, such as drinking enough water, taking breaks, eating healthy and more. Another big factor to consider as an employer is to be sure to support family life.

The duo said that if those in attendance took even one of the tips they had given, it can make tomorrow a better day.

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