Merit3D Announces New Program for Customers


Press Release

June 17, 2024
Price, Utah – Merit3D, an additive manufacturer (SLA 3D printer) has created a new program called Protoduction 4.0 which streamlines design, prototyping, and mass production for potential customers. This program is not only designed to help people from three different situations to mass produce their products using additive manufacturing, but also it keeps manufacturing jobs in the USA instead of overseas. It also keeps jobs in rural Utah. This program is great for startups as well as existing businesses wanting to expand their manufacturing capabilities.
Here is how it works…
Path one, “Do Your Own”, helps customers to build their own prototype by putting them in contact with some dependable resources for learning 3D printing. Customers do their own prototyping and design work and can utilize Merit3D when ready to mass produce.
Path two, “Let Us Help”, uses Merit3D’s services more. In this path, Merit3D helps with prototyping and assists in perfecting the design for mass production.
Path three, “Start From Scratch”, is the most hands-on approach of the three. It enables customers who have an idea, but who don’t have a design, to see their product become a reality. Merit3D creates the design, tests prototypes, and mass produces the product.
Merit3D has also upgraded their online estimate tool. Customers can now engage with their materials and pricing with greater depth and make more informed decisions when it comes time to mass produce their products.
Merit3D is an additive manufacturer based in Price, Utah next to Dustless (Loveless Ash). Merit3D is committed to mass production in the U. S. A.
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