MHMS Student Government Reaches Out


Press Release

Mont Harmon Middle School (MHMS) student government has been working hard to make our community a better place. The students love serving. They washed windows on Main Street to prepare for the Children’s Justice Center (CJC) Christmas Tree Regalia. MHMS head custodian Marie Leonard coordinated the supplies and taught the kids how to make windows sparkle.

“It was fun to help the regalia, and the directors were so grateful and happy,” said Kennlee Kennedy, student government member.

They designed and decorated the 1950s tree for the CJC Regalia that is now for sale in the window at the former Tougher gym. The tree features 1950s diner and music ornaments such as Elvis, French fries and ketchup, mini vinyl records, poodles and horn-rimmed eyeglasses. Claire Rasmussen, tree MHMS committee chair, said, “I wanted our tree to be unique. Fifties songs reminded me of Christmas, and I thought it would be a cute idea.”

They are currently making cozy fleece blankets to donate to the Children’s Justice Center. The project includes making larger blankets for teens to have when they are removed from their homes.

Finally, the MHMS Pirates didn’t let COVID-19 stop them from making Halloween fun for their fellow students. With approval from the Southeast Utah Health Department, student leaders and faculty worked a plethora of hours to put on an outdoor Halloween carnival.

The event was complete with traditional carnival games like the ring toss, sucker pull and fish pond. Other games, such as cornhole and nine square, were a hit.

“There haven’t been as many activities for teens because of COVID. It was really amazing to be able to create something fun, and the students loved it,” said Nicholas Cartwright, student government member.

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