Michael D. Olsen Ready to Serve Second Term as Emery County Attorney


In November, Michael D. Olsen rose triumphantly as he was re-elected as the Emery County Attorney with 58.97% of the votes. Olsen, who attended Southern Utah University to study political science and communications, also attended law school out of state. Olsen is wed to Jodi Olsen and together they are the parents of five children.

Olsen has a plethora of experience under his belt, beginning with an emphasis in litigation while attending law school. Olsen was also in private practice and had his own practice for nearly six years as well as a general practice before becoming the deputy county attorney, which was a title he held for four years.

Olsen also has experience in civil and criminal matters and has litigation experience at a trial level as well as attending appeals court a number of times. As the county attorney, Olsen gives civil and legal advice to the elected officials, represents the county and handles criminal matters. He states that his private practice, as well as his extensive criminal and civil practice, helped to prepare him.

Approaching the next term, Olsen believes that the first topic to look at will be assisting the county in any way possible to move forward in a positive way. He wishes to support all of the elected officials in making sure that their offices run smoothly and that there are not any lasting problems. Olsen stated that this is fun and rewarding to him because there are great elected officials in the county as well as hardworking employees.

Olsen also wishes to be supportive of first responders, including the EMS, sheriff’s office, and search and rescue. He believes in supporting them due to those departments being the ones that assist individuals when they need it the most. Rewarding to Olsen is the relationships that he has formed with other county employees and elected officials.

However, higher than that, Olsen is proud to work for the people of Emery County. He states that it is an honor to do their business and advance the best interest of the county.

“It’s our home. It’s where I was raised and it’s a great honor for me to be able to work for the people of Emery County,” Olsen said.

In conclusion, Olsen would like to thank the community for the confidence that they have shown in supporting him and voting for him as well as giving him another term. He stressed that it is something that he will never take for granted and is going to work hard for them as well as watch out for Emery County on their behalf. Olsen stated that he will fight for Emery County when the need arises.

This article is part of a series that will be published by ETV News introducing Carbon and Emery counties to their newly elected officials.

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