Michael Martin Murphey to Bring a Cowboy Christmas to Price


Michael Martin Murphey is a well-known name in country music. For many years, Murphey has helped to pave the way for many country music artists today. Murphey has been likened to artists such as Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings.

Murphey has also been hosting the Cowboy Christmas Tour for over 25 years now. This year, the Cowboy Christmas Tour is making a stop in Price on Wednesday, Dec. 5 beginning at 7 p.m. This all-ages and family-oriented event will take place at the Carbon County Event Center. While Murphey has played in the area before for private events, this will be his first public show for Castle Country.

To Murphey, playing western shows in areas such as Utah is special due to the real cowboys, ranchers and farmers with similar lifestyles that attend the show and come together for the evening. Murphey stated that he loves small towns due to the Cowboy Christmas Show being about a very special small town: Bethlehem.

Murphey reflected on the story of the first Christmas and how the shepherds out in the field, common people, were the first to hear the good news. Murphey believes in the significance of the greatest prophet and savior in the history having been born in a barn.

“The original Christmas was a Cowboy Christmas,” Murphey stated.

The history of a Cowboy Christmas is a deep one, which is something that Murphey works hard to showcase during the show. Screens and projectors are brought in to project images of the American West in the wintertime as well as videos and stills of the original Cowboy Christmas from 1885 to present. The Cowboy Christmas is a wonderful tradition that Murphey holds close.

The tradition of the celebration being a family gathering is another aspect Murphey focuses on. It is a very kid-friendly environment and less of a “honkytonk” than expected. Murphey recalls, on more than one occasion, witnessing great grandparents sharing dances with their great grandchildren.

The music of the event may come as a surprise to many as well. Traditional Christmas tunes such as “Frosty the Snowman” and “Jingle Ball” are not the main focus. Instead, Murphey turns the focus to western Christmases and life on the frontier as well as 150 years of cowboy music. Music from Murphey’s newest album, “Austinology,” will also be featured at the event.

To purchase tickets for this exciting event, visit Disciple Live Events website at www.dle.fun. For those that need a paper ticket and do not have a smart phone or computer, visit the Carbon County Event Center where they will assist you in purchasing a ticket and printing out a stub.

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