Mid-Winter Happenings at the Castle Valley Center


Staff and students have been busy since the Christmas break doing lots of fun and worthwhile activities at the Castle Valley Center.

Just before the snow fell in December, students spent some time enjoying the school’s new playground. Students had just a few days of warm weather before the cold and snow slowed things down on the playground. The playground is new along with the school’s new addition. The students are looking forward to warmer weather so they can fully utilize the playground.

The new playground is significant in many ways. It has a rocker swing for students both in a wheelchair and those who can sit with them, and all can rock back and forth together. The school has a merry-go-round that sits five students and they are secure so they don’t fall out as it spins. The playground has larger swings for older students, which are once again secure so they don’t fall out.

Another activity that the students have enjoyed mixes fun with learning. Carbon School District art specialist Mrs. Feik spent a week at the Castle Valley Center in January. The students made some fun and useful projects, including bookmarks. The students first painted a design on paper with the assistance of Mrs. Feik and school staff. The paper was then laminated to make some personal bookmarks.

Another activity was to take small decorations and place them in a plastic holder that was then sealed to make a personal bookmark. The students really enjoyed these activities and appreciate the effort that Mrs. Feik made to spend time at the school with the students.

As always, school staff appreciate the support of the Carbon School District administration and the support of the community as they meet the needs of those students and adults in the area who have significant disabilities. President John F. Kennedy said years ago, “The sign of a truly great civilization is the way they take care of people who are most in need.” That statement is even more true today and Carbon County does an excellent job in taking care of those most in need.

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