Mid-Year Adjustments Keep Price City Budget in Line


At the beginning of the fiscal year, Price City passes a budget. City activities and decisions for spending throughout the year are based on staying within the prescriptions outlined in that budget. But reality and what is proposed do not always fly in the same direction. Price City Finance Director Lisa Richens, keeps a close eye on things and looks at adjustments that need to be made throughout the year to keep the city on a good financial keel.

During the city council meeting on Feb 24, she went over the mid-year adjustments to the Price City budget during a public hearing. Most of the adjustments were for grants that the city received and were recorded after the budget was set. Most notable was the $3.2 million for the USU Research Road section that has been completed and is now owned by the city.

No one was present during the public comment period and the revised budget passed.

Also during the meeting, there was a proclamation to support the Lunatic Triathlon by making the week of June 15-21 Lunatic Triathlon Week. During this time, a section of 200 East between 100 and 400 North in Price, will be temporarily renamed Lunatic Triathlon Blvd.

Dennis Ardohain gave the city council an update on the Miner’s Memorial wall and said the biggest challenge is the research involved. He thanked the city for all the help he has received so far and said many businesses have been extremely generous in the fundraising effort.

Sam White from the water and sewer department reported that levels at Scofield Reservoir are starting to rise slowly. The last few storms to hit the area, greatly improved the water content in the snowpack.

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