Middle School Runners Meet at Huntington North Reservoir


Last week, runners from San Rafael, Pinnacle Canyon Academy, Green River, Mont Harmon, Canyon View and Helper all gathered at the Huntington North Reservoir to race in a cross country match hosted by Canyon View.

For the boys’ team, Canyon View took place third place with 130 points, Mont Harmon nabbed second with 89 and San Rafael succeeded in earning the first place spot with 61. The Canyon View girls also took third place at 140, Mont Harmon girls followed in second at 90 and San Rafael once again scored first with 47.

Individual medalists for the boys were Easton Humes of Mont Harmon in first, Merrit Meccariello of Canyon View in second and Mason Hurdsman of Canyon View in third. Braxton Ware of Mont Harmon earned fourth, Dalton P. of Pinnacle took fifth, Hayden Abrams of Canyon View finished sixth, Monty Christiansen of San Rafael took seventh and Meyrick Larsen of San Rafael finished in eighth. Other tops finishers were Tyler Frandsen of San Rafael in ninth, Hayden Christiansen of San Rafael in 10th, Camden Larsen of San Rafael in 11th, Quayd Oveson of Canyon View in 12th, Jaron Dixon of Mont Harmon in 13th, William Stilson of San Rafael in 14th, Cy Weber of San Rafael in 15th, Nathan Engar of Mont Harmon in 16th, Boyd Bradford of Mont Harmon in 17th, Blake Wilkinsen of Mont Harmon in 18th, Zeek Weber of San Rafael in 19th and Sean Stromness of Mont Harmon in 20th.

Girls’ individual medalists were BreElle Parkins of Canyon View in first, Brydnli Stevens of San Rafael in second, Ryleigh Allred of San Rafael in third, Ryleigh Laws of San Rafael in fourth, Rileigh Meccariello of San Rafael in fifth, Ambree Jones of Mont Harmon in sixth, Reaghan Laws of San Rafael in seventh, Gianna White of Helper in eighth and Rozlyn Stowe of Helper in ninth. Other top finishers were Cheyenne Bingham of San Rafael in 10th, Lilian Seeley of Mont Harmon in 11th, Ellie Hansen of Mont Harmon in 12th, Ada Bradford of Mont Harmon in 13th, Annalee Rappleyer of Mont Harmon in 14th, Kalley Ellis of Mont Harmon in 15th, Allison Johansen of San Rafael in 16th, Vielka Acosta of Canyon View in 17th, Kylee Willis of Canyon View in 18th, Mia Crompton in 19th and Laura Martinez of Green River in 20th.

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