Military Training Activities Coming to Green River Area


Paul Weddle, visual awareness specialist with special commands, informed Emery County Commissioners Tuesday of a training activity scheduled at the White Sands Missle Range near Green River July 25-28.

Weddle reported the training activity would be full mission profile, mock war training but with no live fire. Aircrafts will be dropping off assault forces and will be noisy. They will not be seen from the highway and there will be no projectiles. There will be a lockdown of airspace over Green River while these maneuvers are being conducted. Weddle also requested few spectators, but VIP’s are welcome. He attended the meeting to request a letter of support from the commission.

Chuck Semborski from Interwest Mining gave an update and report on the plans and procedures for completing the closure of Deer Creek Mine. He reported that the water has pyrite mineral crystals. There will be no water retention in the mine. Semborski reports to the Forest Service, BLM and Emery County of plans to run a pipeline from the Rilda portal to the settling basin at the Huntington Plant to carry the contaminated drainage water from the mine. All other plans of building bullheads in the portals have been denied by MSHA. This will be placed along the highway but in different trenches and at least 10 feet away from culinary water lines.

The annual contract between Emery County and the State of Utah for bailiff and perimeter security for Seventh District and Juvenile Courts was renewed by commissioners. They also approved a contract for janitorial services at the Castle Dale Library with Camille Thomas. Election poll workers for the 2016 election were also approved.

Emery County Fair Chairman Julie Jones requested $3,000 for a bubble tower, prize money for cupcake wars and lip-syncing competitions and $1,000 for advertising with AJB broadcasting. These requests were granted.

An inter-local agreement between Emery County, BLM, UDFCM and Jared Johnson for the fence along Goblin Valley Road was approved. Also a right-of-way between BLM and Emery County along this road was approved. An agreement between John Deere and Emery County to lease equipment was also approved.

Two tax deferral agreements were also granted. 

The decision to sell a parcel of county ground in Ferron City was tabled pending further study.

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