Miner’s Memorial to Be Placed in Helper City


Helper City Council members recently met and discussed the placement of the miner’s memorial with citizens of the community.

The location for the satellite monument had not yet been decided at the time of the Helper City Council meeting that took place on Feb. 4. One of the places that had been in consideration for the memorial was a location next to the museum on Main Street. However, Jim Boil made a call to council member Thomas Williams and stated that he believed there would be insufficient room at that location.

The discussion then turned to possibly putting the memorial in the park on Main Street. The idea was opposed by council member Williams who stated that the ground at the park is too uneven.

A community member then suggested having the memorial placed next to the Big John statue in front of the Helper Civic Auditorium. Although it was a well-received suggestion, the decision was made for the memorial to go by the mining equipment park on Poplar Street.

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