Miss Emery County Crowned


McCall Spears was crowned Miss Emery County on Saturday at the annual Miss Emery County Pageant in the Emery High School auditorium.

Other contestants included Whitney Withers, Olivia Burton, Rachel Rogers, Laurel Jefferies and Aixa Herrara.

Burton and Rogers were crowned First and Second Attendants, respectively. Jefferies and Withers shared Miss Congeniality honors.

The pageant consisted of four categories: talent, life style and fitness, interview and evening gown.

Spears is the daughter of Frank and Jerrylynn Spears. She will be attending Utah State University – Collage of Eastern Utah as a sophomore this fall. Spears hopes to obtain a master’s degree in early education and special education while minoring in dance.

Spears’s platform is “buckle up and stop texting.”

“I’ve learned so much from this experience,” Second Attendant Rogers said. “I’ve come to love and appreciate these girls, and I’m proud of all of them and their positive attitudes. I’m glad that I had a chance to participate with them. I would also like to congratulate McCall and tell her good job and good luck.”

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