Miss Emery Presents Platform Assembly at Emery High


By Julie Johansen

“Have Courage and Be Kind” was the platform that Miss Emery County, Megan Butterfield, recently presented to the students at Emery High School. Assisting her with the presentation was Little Miss Emery Ava Leonard, Jr. Miss Emery Kelsie Norton and Miss Emery Outstanding Teen Lexie Gale.

Butterfield explained that impressions are made within seven seconds, and it is up to you to decide if you are going to like someone or not. She pleaded with the students to “Color Our World With Kindness.” She also asked the students to donate shoes for Africa. Megan also thanked Carlee Anderson, Emery High’s Art Sterling Scholar, for designing her logo.

Miss Emery Outstanding Teen Lexie Gale’s platform was presented as “Organ Donation – Be Someone’s Hero.” She informed the students that over 100,000 need organs and only 5,000 are on the donor list.

The royalty then requested that boys from the audience come to the stage and participate in a Mr. Emery contest. Nate Gilbert, Gus Dalton, Lon Huntsman, Dillon Bloomer and Justin Guymon came to the stage. They competed in the same areas that Megan will compete in at the Miss Utah Pageant that will take place this June; talent, swim suit, interview and evening wear with a twist from the girls.

Lon Huntsman was the winner with Justin Guymon as first runner-up. Ava Leonard also sang and Kelsie Norton danced during the mock contest.

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