Missing Carbon County Man Found


Justin Olson who has been missing since the end of October, was found walking southbound along HWY 10 in Carbon County at approximately 7:30a.m.

Posters have been plastered around the Carbon and Emery County area searching for Olson from the beginning of November. Family and friends banded together in the search for the young man who suddenly dissappeared after work on Sunday, Ocotber 28.

It was said after hisВ disappearance, Olson was becoming depressed and sick of life. After he was found, Olson told his mother he didn’t mean to hurt anyone, he had just had enough.

“He said life was just confusing, and he didn’t want to be around anybody,”Carolyn Attwood, Olson’s mother, explained.

Family became extremely worried after his В disappearanceВ В when they discovered Olson had been in a fairly serious car accident on Friday, October 26, after driving his car off a steep embankment in the Consumer’s area.

“He tried calling me the following day but I was out of cell range. I called him the moment I could, but from then on his phone had gone strictly to voicemail,” Attwood explained.

It was obvious, according to Attwood, after viewing the state of the vehicle, that Justin had hit his head on the windshield, and she contributes a possible head injury to Justin’s confusion and sudden dissappearance.

“When Utah Highway Patrol contacted me to let me know they had found Justin, they said he had been walking along HWY 10 trying to get to his mom,” Attwood said.

Now that she has her son back, the family will look into the appropriate medical avenues to help Olson feel well again.

” We are going to make sure he gets the care he needs, and I just want to say thank you to all of the family, friends, neighbors, and residents that helped in the search for Justin,” Attwood said




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