Missing Youth from Helper


Mattea Jeffs (17), and her boyfriend Jesse Turner (16), have been reported missing.

The teenagers went missing on November 29, and may have run away together.Helper Police Chief,Trent Anderson, said the parents are now becoming seriously worried.

” I met with Mattea’s mother this morning and I think they are really becoming desperate,”Anderson said. ” They thought they would have heard something by now.”

Jesse had attended school in the area last year, but after certain issues with family he was sent to California to live with his mother. This action separated Mattea and Jesse and it is the parents’ belief that they had been searching for a way to reunite. Jesse made several trips to Utah over the summer and stayed with Mattea and her family, which his father said has depleted his bank account.

” They are on their own on foot,” Jesse’s father Travis, Turner said. ” He has depleted his bank account after making so many trips to Utah, and they have no method of transportation.”

Mattea’s mother, Nikki Jeffs, says this is out of character for her 17-year-old Carbon High Football player.

” She is the only girl on the football team for Carbon High, and that shows the amount of dedication she possesses,” Jeffs said. “She is a good student,and В has never been in trouble with the law.”

To contribute to the urgency of the situation, Jesse was scheduled to return to California last Tuesday but postponed the trip after he underwent an В emergency appendectomy. His father said he is in need of medical attention, and has a follow-up appointment soon.

Both parents just want Jesse and Mattea to understand that they are loved and just want the teens to call someone and let them know they are safe.

The couple were last seen at Jeffs residence in North Helper, and may now be headed to California, or Nevada, and are more than likely traveling on foot. В Mattea has curly red hair, green eyes and freckles. She weighs approximately 145 pounds and is 5ft 9in tall. Jesse is 5ft 7in tall with dark brown hair and eyes. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Jesse or Mattea call the Helper City Police Department at (435) 472-3719, or Carbon County Dispatch at (435) 637-0890. Check back with etv10news.com for more details as they are released.


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