Mitchell Does Well in Washington, Grabs Fourth Holeshot of the Year


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Robbie Mitchell recently took to the track in Washington as part of the WORCS series.

Mitchell once again came out strong in the dead engine start, grabbing his fourth holeshot out of seven WORCS races this year. The Price native led the race for three laps, battling with Beau Baron, the three-time WORCS champion. Unfortunately, Baron pushed Mitchell out of the lead on the fourth lap in the hot pits.

Mitchell stayed on Baron’s bumper for a few laps before catching a tree root, sending him upside down and costing him minutes in the race while he freed his bike. In that time, other riders passed. Mitchell finished the race strong, coming in fourth.

“Robbie has a great attitude lately and is gaining confidence that he’s fast enough and competitive enough to win,” Mitchell’s mother Kathy explained.

Mitchell will take to the track again on Sept. 14 at Glen Helene Raceway in Cali.

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