Mitchell Finishes WORCS Series, Earns Fourth Place Overall


Robbie Mitchell competed in his final WORCS race on Oct. 19 in Primm, Nev. and ended the season in fourth place overall.

The Price resident grabbed another holeshot at the race, making it five for nine this season. Mitchell raced strong until a rough track cause both of his rear tires to go flat. His tire blocks kept him in the race until he made a pit stop to have them changed. The hiccup in the race landed Mitchell in a sixth place finish.

The finish put Mitchell in fourth place overall in the WORCS series this year. Going into the final race, he had the position secured regardless of his finish.

The following week, Mitchell tried his hand at a desert race. Despite being late to the starting line, the racer came out strong.

“I was a few minutes late of the start,” Mitchell commented. “I rode well and my bike was awesome.”

Despite a strong start, Mitchell hit trouble during the race. To start, he lost his radiator cap, causing his engine to become very hot. Later, Mitchell hit a wash too fast , causing the read end of the bike to bottom and the rider to fly over the handlebars.

“As I flopped over the bars, my leg hit the throttle,” Mitchell explained. “The bike took off then suddenly, made a hard right, whipping me to the ground on my back.”

Mitchell righted his quad and set off again, only to have disaster strike when his chain broke on rocks, preventing him from finishing the race.

Despite not finishing and sustaining injuries, Mitchell was positive about the race. “The end of the race season is a perfect time to get hurt if you have to,” he concluded.

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