Mitcheson Waives Preliminary Hearing on Two of Three Counts


Manuel Christopher Mitcheson appeared in Seventh District Court Friday.

Mitcheson, 20, was arrested April 4 in Huntington on three statewide warrants, burglary of a dwelling, and escape.

Appearing before Judge George Harmond, he wished to waive a preliminary hearing on two of the counts.

Mitcheson will be back before Judge Harmond May 6. He will be arraigned on a third-degree felony of escaping official custody as well as second and third-degree felonies of burglary. On the same day Mitcheson will have a preliminary hearing on a class A misdemeanor of obstructing justice.

According to a Price City Police press release from April 2, Mitcheson escaped from the Price City Police office at 910 N. 700 E. at 3:30 p.m. on April 1.

Soon after his escape, he entered a nearby home but ran when the homeowner confronted him with a pair of scissors. Mitcheson then ran through several backyards and alleys, shirtless and barefooted.

Mitcheson will be represented by attorney Samuel Chiara.

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