Moab Film Festival Starting Soon


Moab International Film Festival organizers are wrapping up film selections and preparing for the second annual Moab International Film Festival, Sept. 19-23.

Like last year, this year’s festival will showcase a variety of films; some inspiring and enlightening films, comedy, as well as some of what draws people to film festivals with cinematics, storytelling and emotion uncommonly found elsewhere. Films selected come from a pool of just under 1,000 films this year and have been selected by a panel of an average of 15 people.

At last year’s inaugural Moab International Film Festival, Academy Award winner Richard Kaplan gave organizers the advice to stay true to their grassroots as they grow and to stay true to their mission. This year, festival organizers have done just that and are preparing to deliver another pro-actively charged and inspiring series of films for festival-goers to enjoy.

“Last year, we found that most of our films we selected came from independent filmmakers who found us through their own methods rather than through big box film collection websites,” explained festival organizer Nathan Wynn. “So, this year, we dropped all commercial film gathering tools and created our own films database. This has taken a huge burden off our judges in the amount of low quality films they end up watching before finding the gems we’re looking for. Our film entries this year have been of very high quality and without as much sifting through sub-par films as last year.”

Film showings take place at the historic Star Hall on Center Street and at the Moab Backyard Theater. Festival passes, priced at $30 and tickets at $5 per show, are available at Canyonlands Copy Center, The T-Shirt Shop, Back of Beyond Books, Sgt. Pepper’s Music and Video, and online at Passes are transferable all films passes.

The short films session is scheduled to begin at 8:50 pm on Tuesday, Sept. 23.

Continually updated information and details are available at

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