Moab Police Searching for Suspects in Attempted Kidnapping Case


Two 12-year old boys were walking from Grand County Middle School to Grand County High School in Moab after 5 p.m. on Tuesday when a gray or white van approached them. These boys were then victim to two men that were wearing gloves attempting to kidnap them by trying to lure them into the van with the promise of video games, according to officers in Moab.

The boys described a tall, white male that donned black gloves exiting the van while attempting to convince the duo that they wanted to get inside to play the aforementioned games. After the boys refused, the second male occupant of the van also exited the vehicle.

They then grabbed one of the 12-year old boys by the wrist and tried to force him inside the van. The boys were successful in fighting off the men and ran to the high school where one of their parents were waiting.

The boys were described as visibly distraught by the police that interviewed them upon informing the parent what had happened. The area was canvassed for the van but the local law enforcement was unsuccessful in locating it or the men.

This incident resulted in increased police presence at the schools in the area while they attempt to locate the van, which was described by the duo as a minivan or transit-style van with an Idaho license plate. The van also had damage to the front right headlight as well as the quarter panel, according to the boys.

The van, the boys stated, was driven by a female. Individuals with information pertaining to this situation may contact Moab Police Chief Jim Winder by calling (801) 573-8593.

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