Mom and Baby Moose Spotted in Price *Photo Gallery*


A mom and baby moose were spotted behind the Toy Atwood baseball fields in Price on Sunday afternoon.

The duo drew quite a crowd as they relaxed in the shade and ate the leaves from a nearby tree while spectators snapped photos and videos of the rare sighting. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources then responded, keeping a close eye on the moose and ensured that spectators didn’t get too close.

After letting the individuals enjoy the rare sighting for a period of time, it was time for the DWR officers to take action in trying to prevent the duo from going into town. In an effort to do so, the officers tranquilized the mother and its calf. They were then safely released into the mountains far from town.

To see a video of the calf calling right before the tranquilizer took place, please click here.

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