Mont Harmon Geocaching Adventure


Eighth grade students proudly show off their cache that they discovered using their GPS. Photo courtesy of Mont Harmon Journalism.

Article provided by Mont Harmon Junior High Journalism Department

Mr. Cha’s and Mr. Hardy’s pre-advanced placement (AP) history and geography classes from Mont Harmon Junion High School went on their annual geocaching field trip. Using coordinates from websites of the area that had been programmed into their GPS units, students went searching for well hidden caches throughout the Carbon County area. For most sites, the terrain was easy to get to. Some of the cache sites had been “mugged” or destroyed by people who had come before them.

In the afternoon, the buses took the students to Scofield Cemetery where students, who had previously learned about the mine explosion that took place on May 1, 1900, came face to face with the reality. There they saw many of the tombstones of those caught in the mine accident. They also made etching of some of the tombstones as well as looked for various people whom had been buried there.


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